September 29, 2020
Eucalyptus pros and cons

The pros and cons of eucalyptus oil

The name eucalyptus comes from the Greek, eu, meaning good (as in euphoria) and kaluptos, meaning cover. The prolific flowers and seedpods of these Australian trees […]
August 29, 2020
Lemon Verbena beneficial herb

11 Vital uses for Lemon Verbena

In California’s Mediterranean climate, lemon verbena can be one of the most rewarding additions to your garden. Although first identified in what’s now Argentina, lemon verbena […]
July 22, 2020
Lemongrass is the source of citronella oil

Citronella oil: Mosquito remedy demystified

It’s summer time, and for a lot of us that means mosquito season. Those pesky little blood suckers have us running for shelter and itching for […]
June 21, 2020
Best herbs for dream pillows

Best herbs for effective dream pillows

As we collectively endured and responded to the double whammy threat of pandemic and quarantine, people around the world were reporting some unusually strange and vivid […]
April 18, 2020
Poison oak in times of Coronavirus

Poison Oak in times of Coronavirus

If there’s anything that could be worse than coronavirus and quarantine, that would be coronavirus quarantine with a case of poison oak. The impact of Covid-19 […]
March 3, 2020
Yellow Dock leaves and flowers

What’s up, Dock? Benefits of Burdock and Yellow Dock

Given the similarities in their names, you might guess that Burdock and and Yellow Dock are somehow related. In fact, they are not closely related at […]