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Hangover cures for the New Year

Hangover cures

Every year, around this time, they come asking the same question: What’s the best way to kick this hangover? Of course, the best answer is not to drink so much. But as long as you don’t come around every weekend asking for a cure, we figure we can offer a few healthy tips to make your recovery a little easier.

It seems like everyone has their own secret hangover antidote that they swear by. But which morning-after measures really work, and which are just old wives’ tales? A greasy breakfast with bacon and eggs? Bloody Marys? A pot of Earl Grey? A pinch of cannabis in the vaporizer?

Nobody seems to know for sure, and some cures may work better for some people than for others. But the sad truth is that if any of them could really eliminate the hangover, then we’d all know about it by now.

The beneficial effects of most remedies are so subtle that they might even go unnoticed. In others words, you’re so hungover that you don’t even realize that you’re feeling better. Such are the hazards of imbibing too heavily in the spirits. Which is why we recommend moderation above all else.

But if you simply can’t abide by that suggestion, then there are other preventative measures that you can take. Start the evening with a good sized meal. Enjoy it slowly as you consume a beverage or three, allowing the food in your belly to absorb a bit more booze and keep your blood alcohol level under control. While you’re at it, avoid eating too much sugar, which can further dilute the blood and lead to more pounding headaches in the morning.

Also, stay hydrated. Half of the hangover is just a matter of dehydration, since alcohol is a diuretic and sends you to the toilet again and again. Grab a glass of water once in a while, in between stronger libations. Maybe even sip a cup of green tea, high in antioxidants, at some point.

Another handy tip, for any evening that’s likely to involve a lot of drinking, is to carry your own breathalyzer. Yes, you may be able to purchase one locally, or online. With your own breathalyzer you can not only keep a close eye on your blood alcohol level, you can also entertain your drinking buddies until they’re half blind.

But seriously, it’s a handy thing to have in your purse if anyone plans on drinking even just a couple sips before driving. (Keep it under point-0-6 to be safe.) The device can also help the more ambitious drinkers to avoid black out territory.

Of course, these are all great ideas, but it’s not what you want to hear if the night is past and you’re already hungover. Unfortunately however, there’s no easy way out on this one. The only real cure is time.

In the meanwhile, whatever makes you feel better, you may as well indulge. Whether it’s greasy comfort food, a pair of Advil, a couple bong hits, or a stiff drink — go for it. Then leave your pajamas on and plan to spend the better part of the day on tasks that will require the least amount of physical exertion or mental concentration, like going back to bed.

Finally, here are a few herbs that might relieve some of the symptoms of a hangover.

  • For nausea, try fresh ginger, easiest to consume in hot tea
  • If you’re suffering a headache, turmeric might help. In tea or soup or other meals, and the body can absorb it better when mixed with black pepper.
  • Fresh mint, in a simple cup of tea, can help clear the cobwebs from the mind.
  • Fennel is beneficial and likely to improve digestion.
  • Last but not least, chamomile will help you relax, and maybe even fall back to sleep.

I hope that helps. Happy New Year!


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