Meet Ruth

I have been studying and using herbal remedies for over 40 years, since my first trip to Central Asia in the late 1970s. My first exposure was in Nepal, where Ayurvedic medicines cured infections on my feet caused by body surfing. Soon after, I began my study of eastern medicines. I continued to experiment and examine different kinds of treatments in India, Europe, the Middle East, China, and Central America through my various travel, work, and studies abroad.

While teaching “English as a Second Language” for over 33 years, I pursued my fascination with herbal extracts and other products, studying books by Rosemary Gladstar, Michael Tierra, Richo Cech, David Smith, and Linda Page, among others. I have also taken online courses in Herbology, and studied with an expert herbalist on the Central Coast of California.

I grow many of my own herbs, both culinary and medicinal, and most of the vegetables and fruits that I eat. I am always expanding my garden and practicing organic farming and sustainable living practices. My farm, Branch Mill Organic Farm, is now officially certified with CCOF and USDA. All of the herbs in my Savvy Salve and Lavender Lip Balm are grown in my garden.

Many of my tinctures are a result of requests from those who use them, which led to research, experimentation, and documentation of results. All the tinctures I offer have been tested until satisfactory result were obtained.

If you are interested in a tincture for a specific ailment, please contact me. I continue this educational process daily and welcome questions, concerns, and suggestions.