Customer Love and Testimonials


I forgot to tell you how much I love Ruth's silky skin butter. Yesterday when I put it on I looked at my hands. I had scales, scabs, cuts, hang nails ----------a mess. After rubbing the cream on my hands they felt great. It was in the morning I realized all the above listed maladies were healed. She should call it the miracle cream. Thank you!

Susan H.

Four years ago I was in the grip of peri-menopause and absolutely miserable. I was experiencing frequent hot flashes, difficulty sleeping and trouble concentrating. My physician prescribed an estrogen patch and these symptoms went away, to be replaced by bloating and abdominal achiness. Completely desperate, I tried Ruth’s Hormonal Regulator with very low expectations. I was amazed that in 3 days my hot flashes stopped. Within three weeks my quality of sleep and memory improved and all without a single side effect! I have had to increase my dosage over the four years that I have been using Hormonal Regulator, but it continues to work well for me and I have never had a negative side effect.

Haley S.

A couple of years ago, at age 24, I began to experience severe pain surrounding most of my menstrual cycles. A deep ache would arise in my lower abdomen, continuing down my thighs. The cramping would leave me immobile, curled up into a ball, reaching for a pain reliever. I experienced this same scenario growing up but this was as far as it would go. This new level of pain would leave me feeling faint and delirious with hot sweats. I had to keep moving around to adjust the pain and sometimes I would hug the toilet thinking I was going to puke. This would last for 2-4 hours. I often had to miss work and cancel on commitments since I was unable to find a way to subdue the pain. I felt hopeless, that is, until I met Ruth. Ruth suggested I take the "Moon Cycle" tincture. This tincture has SAVED ME! I take a half a dropper full a day and I have not had ONE severe menstrual cycle since! I kept waiting to have a bad one again but it never showed up. I still have that deep ache in my lower abdomen and a light cramping. Other than that I have been great, I haven't missed a day out of my life due to pain since taking this tincture! Thank you Ruth's Remedies!

Susan H.

For years, I have looked for a natural easy-to-use deodorant. I won't use aluminum on my skin (yuk!) and I have been consistently disappointed in crystal type deodorants. Finally, the solution has appeared in the form of Ruth's Deodorant. It is all natural and I like the sage scent, one quick spray in the underarm area and I'm good to go. Very refreshing, not sticky and all natural. Thank you Ruth!