Tinctures, when taken under the tongue, before meals, are assimilated directly into the blood stream so they are the strongest, most immediate herbal remedy that exists. Some herbs have a bitter taste, so you can take your dosage with juice or tea. A diluted formula is also recommended for children.
The dosage of a tincture depends on the body type and weight of the individual. The usual dosage is initially twice a day, a ¼ of a teaspoon, which is about a quarter of a dropper of a one-ounce bottle. Once the herbal potion is in the body’s system, the tincture dosage can be reduced to once a day, depending on the tincture and the severity of the complaint. Tinctures should be shaken before use as some of them contain roots which are ground to extract the maximum strength of the herb. Herbal tinctures are meant to be self-regulating and are one of the safest herbal preparations, as it is easy to adjust the dosage to individual habits and metabolism. The most important consideration is that continual use, over time, is the way natural medicines work. In order to be effective, a person must take tinctures every day for several weeks to feel the full benefit. Herbs work slowly but deliberately in the body’s systems. Herbal medicines have been around for over 2000 years and they have proven to be most beneficial in the long term to improve a person’s well-being.

Custom tinctures can be made using vegetable glycerin for those who cannot take alcohol. These formulas have a shorter shelf life.